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Gina Mongiello 

Communication Coach for Over-thinkers

There are three kinds of thinkers in the world:

•People who under-think

•People who think just enough to make good decisions

•People who over-think

I’ve been in the third category for most of my life.

I began thinking lots as a young child. Calculating endless scenarios. Wanting to make sense of the world, people, and myself so I could feel safe. Afraid to show feelings. Afraid to make mistakes. Afraid to be me. I dreamed of a life that was different than the one I had. One where I felt normal.

A lot of over-thinkers feel like they don’t fit in with life as it is. Like they have to think everything through in order to fit in. Over-calculating every step. Just a little more thinking to get it right.

But the extra thinking doesn't help. And your relationships suffer, while you long for depth, purpose, and safety in your relationships.

Clients come to me when they:

•Want help finding the right words in a current situation or relationship

•Overthink everything and want to release anxious thoughts and feelings

•Want strong loving relationships that are authentic, trust-worthy, and joyful

Time with me helps you get clear, directed, and productive in your relationships. Getting the kind of progress you always wanted but could never find.

Start by attending the Overthinkers Club on the third Wednesday of the month for help, understanding, and community. Meetings are always free for overthinkers.

Message me for the Zoom link.

Or if you're not into group help, book a private call. See you soon.