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Gina Mongiello 

Coach for Over-thinkers

There are three kinds of people in the world:

•People who identify as over-thinkers

•People who don’t identify as over-thinkers, but are

•People who don’t identify as over-thinkers, and aren’t

I’ve been in the first category since 1977.

It was at the age of 2 that I began overthinking. Calculating if-then scenarios. Wanting to make sense of the world, people, and myself. Afraid to show my feelings. Afraid to mis-step. Afraid to be me.

I didn’t fit in with school-life, kid-life, academics, and organized activities. I dreamed of a life that was different than the one I had. One where I felt normal. Can you relate?

A lot of over-thinkers feel like they don’t fit in with life. Like they’re not smart enough, or creative enough, or capable enough. Your mind goes into overdrive. Over-calculating every step to try to spare you from more upset. Just a little more thinking and you’ll get it right, you think.

You wonder if you’re ever going to get to the job, the relationship, the business that’s right for you.

You can. And you will.

I’ve designed a five step process that’ll help you ease into your relationships, your life, and your business. It’s worked for me, repeatedly. And it’s worked for clients, repeatedly.

•Clear thinking, with no looping

•Deep feeling, with a timer, and no accompanying narrative

•Playful creating, like a three-year old  

•Action taking, without second guessing your next step

•Believing without question that your imperfect actions will get you to your goal

I spent decades learning how to think in the right direction, connect with my intuition, playfully create, take imperfect action, and choose faith even when there’s no physical evidence to support it. The results have been astounding. For me, and for my clients.

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