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Can't stop over-thinking?

Clear your mind, make good decisions, and reset your relationships by establishing a....

Clear Way Forward

A Six-Month Intensive for Over-thinkers who Want to Think Clearly, Reduce Inner-Angst, Make Confident Decisions, and Create More Meaningful Relationships

  • You receive: 

  • 24 personalized sessions

  • Expert guidance

  • Map and a guide for your journey

  • Help making good decisions


    I know what it’s like to think and think, thinking it will get you to a good decision. When all it does is create inner angst and procrastination. Your thoughts spiral and you don't know whether to move forward or backward. This effects your business, your conversations, your relationships.  

    Together we will:

  • Get clear on your unique value system so you don't have to over-think in every situation, it doesn't help get you where you want to be

  • Show compassion for all parts of you so that no one part runs the show

  • Declutter your thinking so you can make confident decisions in your business, relationships, and life

  • Balance your thinking out by also focusing on feelings, action, faith, and creativity 

  • Equip you with the tools that redirect over-thinking so no time is wasted in mind loops

  • Get to the heart of what you want in your personal & professional relationships and start creating it

  • Coach for Over-thinkers

    Gina Mongiello

    I help over-thinkers declutter. organize, and systematize their mind. Teaching them how to clean their mind just like they would a beautiful room. The result is a meaningful life filled with meaningful relationships.



    I know what it’s like to think and think, thinking it will get you to a good decision. When all it does is create inner angst and procrastination. Your thoughts spiral and you don't know whether to move forward or backward. This effects your business, your conversations, your relationships.  

    Would You Like To...

    ...see your thinking as a gift; use your thinking skills for good; and make confident decisions with a clear mind?


    Together we organize your thoughts, much like you do when cleaning a closet. With your thoughts in the right place, you feel lighter and more available for life. 

    Feelings, action, creativity, and faith come on board in the right amount to balance thinking out. With proper balance, you gain clarity and your path feels directed. 

    You lay down at night knowing you're on a good path, making good healthy decisions. And your personal and professional relationships become more meaningful than ever.  

    This program is for you if you:

        • Tend to overthink things 

        • Struggle to feel confident in your decision-making skills 

        • Want to feel better connected to yourself, your loved ones, and your business 

        • Often feel like your personal or professional relationships are missing something

        • Would love to feel clear and light in your thinking instead of anxious, unsure, and foggy

        • Want to have important conversations with the people in your life but can't decide how or when 

        • Would love to use feelings and thoughts as messengers to help you get to greater clarity in all areas of your life

    4 Reasons to Get Started Right Away

    You want to experience life more fully

    Thinking is helpful, but too much thinking leaves you tired and missing out on many of life's experiences. In sessions you balance your thinking with feelings, action, creativity, and faith so that you experience life from the stage, instead of sitting in the back row.  


    You want meaningful relationships

    Over-thinkers often feel scarred from past relationships. They also often are unsure about how to set healthy boundaries. All while craving meaningful connections. As you gain clarity, you'll know the kinds of relationships you'd like to build and you'll learn the communication skills needed to get you there.  


    You want to make confident decisions

    When faced with a decision it feels like you're in a labyrinth with no clear path to the exit. The more you search the less you see. Eventually you give up, and sit with indecision. In working together, this fog lifts so you can find the exit with ease. Whether it's an every day decision or a life-changing one, you'll know what to do and how to handle it for the best outcome.  


    You want to know how your heightened sensitivity is a gift

    Many over-thinkers are highly sensitive and they see and feel things that others don't. While you may have been criticized for your sensitivity in the past, it's a gift that others don't understand. As you come to understand and appreciate it, you can share your gift with the world. And you'll make a big impact.  


    Rave Reviews

    "Helped me heal so much"

    I know I say this a lot and yet it feels like I can’t possibly say it enough, you have changed my vision of myself on so many levels. You have helped me heal me so much. I can never thank you enough. 

    Amy Y.

    "Words cannot describe the relief and comfort"

    I struggled with having no sense of purpose, which often led to feelings of worthlessness. I used to give my thoughts a lot of power, and I often fell victim to the part of me that wanted to hurt and wallow in self-pity. In January, that all changed. Through work with Gina, and her incredible ability to incorporate Faith work in sessions, I spent more time with God and established a deeper relationship with Him. I was always a fan of coincidences, but now, I am able to see that everything happens for a reason because God makes a reason out of everything. Words cannot describe the relief and comfort knowing that God is present in my life, and Gina is here to help me. All Glory to God.

    Giavanna S.

    "Significant growth, learning and self awareness"

    Gina does a tremendous job at pointing out blind spots allowing for exponential growth if you are willing to do the work. She is a tremendous listener who asks powerful questions and is authentic every step of the way. She prompts and guides the client back to themselves with a well rounded approach for significant growth, learning and self awareness… 

    Taylar P.

    Clear Way Forward for Over-thinkers 

    $590/month; or pay in full to receive 2 special bonuses*

    (24) 90 minute sessions

    • Techniques that will help you for years to come 

    • Consistent weekly sessions to boost confidence and create healthy habits 

    • Increased clarity and insight in every session

    • Use every challenge as fuel to get you further on your path ahead 

    • Deepen your relationships, including the ones that feel blocked

    • Gain awareness around patterns that hold you back

    • Personalized attention that you can depend on consistently 

    • New ways to decrease anxiousness

    • *2 Bonuses you receive when you pay in full! Feedback in between sessions; weekly Mind Map to keep you focused on your path


    To see if this 6 Month Intensive is right for you

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