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Grow Your Business


Life and Business Coaches:

Clarify Your Messaging to

Attract Your Ideal Clients

No coach should have to go it alone.

Get the guidance you need to fine-tune your messaging so your business can reach its full potential.

Your clients get what they’re looking for, and you experience success. 


1 out 2 businesses fail in the first five years. Be the one who makes it. 

In Grow Your Business Mastermind, you will ...

  • Get the cornerstone of your business, which is your messaging, on point so you can speak directly to your ideal clients in every message  

  • Receive monthly mini-trainings on messaging for marketing for success

  • Receive personalized mind-maps each month that'll help you stay focused on engaging your target audience 

  • Gain maximum clarity around your messaging so you exude confidence no matter when and where you speak about your offerings 

  • Find the mute button for unhelpful thoughts so they don't sidetrack you into feeling feel wobbly about your business, your message, or your offer

  • Craft precise messaging for your social media posts so they draw your ideal clients in, while filtering out clients that you don't want

  • Lean on the wisdom of the group to prevent all kinds of business mistakes that'll keep your wheels spinning

  • Solve messaging and marketing snafu's quickly to relieve stress and see your business move forward faster 

A Dedicated Network of Peers to Help You

Think of a time when a caring, smart group of people helped you solve a problem.

It could have been friends at the lunch table, classmates in college, or peers at a networking seminar.

You get this kind of help regularly when you are part of a mastermind group.

This group is designed to give you the support you need to get you where you are going, faster.

Step 1: Attend meeting

Each member has time to share a challenge to get the support, insight, and inspiration of the group.

It's a natural process, one you will come to love for its power and simplicity.

Step 2: Follow the action plan 

Your time in between meetings flows smoothly because you have your structure, plan, and support in place.

You feel accomplished, productive, creative, and inspired. There's less guessing & more to measure.

Step 3: See results

You make great headway, have a new supportive network, feel confident and most importantly you see results!

Looking at the results, you know what's required to continue growing. Congratulations on a job well done! 

The ideas, support, and encouragement of the group paired with the clear steps in-between meetings catapults you into the business owner you always knew you could be. No more spinning your wheels in isolation, you now have a board of trusted advisors to help you achieve success. 

6 monthly payments: $249 per month

Or save 20% when you pay in full: $1194 (works out to be $199 per month) 


    Imagine being 95 years old and looking back on your life. Will you feel regret if you don't take every action possible toward achieving your business dream today?

    It's common for negative thoughts to creep in daily, stealing your business dream away. To acknowledge these thoughts in a small supportive community while moving forward in spite of them is what paves the way to a full schedule of paying clients, money in the bank, and a business you love running. 

    Being in Business on Your Own Can...

  • Feel lonely 

  • Have you second-guessing yourself and your offers

  • Lead to mistakes and wasted time

  • Tax you mentally, physically, and emotionally

  • With Grow Your Business Mastermind You...

  • Gain deeper clarity on the value your services provide so you can write the kind of messages that attract your ideal clients

  • Fill holes in your messaging so when ideal clients read or hear what you say, they feel inspired to have a conversation with you

  • Solve messaging mishaps quickly with monthly group support to alleviate stress and breakthrough messaging blocks

  • Be around people who understand your business and are invested in its authentic growth. Coaches who collaborate grow more quickly

  • Secure your spot in the Grow Your Business Mastermind today. In six months time, you'll be so thankful you did. 

    You Get Time in the Love Seat Each Meeting 

    20 minutes, each meeting, are reserved especially for you to share you current challenge and get messaging help from your peers.  

    Tips, solutions, creative ideas, powerful questions, support, and insights are given to help you gain clarity and forward movement in your business quickly. The feedback you receive is personalized for you and your business challenges. 

    A world of clarity comes from 20 minutes in the Love Seat!

  • Apply today to get your time in the Love Seat every month

    6 monthly payments: $249 per month

    Or save 20% when you pay in full: $1194 (works out to be $199 per month) 

  • 3 Best Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group

    1: You Will Excel in Life and in Business

    The outcome of your involvement in a mastermind group is exponentially more than you could accomplish on your own. The group is designed to laser focus in on messaging in your business, and you walk away with the creativity and synergy of multiple minds as well as an action plan for yourself.

    2. You Have a Trusted Space to Be Real

    The mastermind space invites you to bring your authentic challenges to the love seat so you can get the support you need to learn and grow. You get to show up as yourself and add value to the group. The group cannot happen without you. You are an active participant who gives and receives big value.

    3. The Group Keeps You Accountable

    Community support plays a crucial role in helping you follow through with your goals. It's the public declaration of your goals that creates accountability. When others depend on you to stay true to your word, it gives you mountains of motivation each month, motivating you to courageously stay on task. 

  • If you are looking for a coach that will take you to the core of the matter and not dance around the issue, I would definitely recommend Gina.

    Gina is completely direct, insightful and intuitive.

    My experience with her was exactly what I needed, someone who doesn't sugar coat and says exactly what she sees.

    Because of her, I was able to venture into my purpose much sooner than I had planned. God is indeed working through her.

    Trish H., Mariage Coach

    I highly recommend the guidance & support offered by Gina of Straightway Coaching. Over the last few months, we've been meeting individually. She has blessed me and my business with her incredible insight & valuable constructive feedback.

    Susan S., Caregiver's Coach

    Here's What You Receive 

    (Plus Extra Bonuses)

    This Is A Limited Time Offer

    • 6 Grow Your Business Mastermind meetings, 1 x per month [$1494 Value]

    • 6 Optional Q&A Meetings, 1 x per month [$300 Value]

    • 1 Coaching Session with Gina to be used anytime in the first three months [$165 Value]

    • 6 Monthly Audio Recordings to help you get crystal clear on your messaging, 1 x per month  [$150 Value]

    • 6 Typed, Personalized Mind Maps (action plans) delivered after each meeting, 1 x per month [$495 Value]

    • Private Facebook community page for fast and thorough messaging help in between meetings [$495 Value] 

    Value $3099

    Your Price: $1494 (works out to be $249 per month)

    Or save 20% when you pay in full: $1194 (works out to be $199 per month)

  • Stop Trying to Go It Alone...

    It’s Time To Join a Trusted Board of Advisors to Help you SPEED Towards Business Success

    A Letter From Gina, Your Mastermind Facilitator 

    I know what it’s like to feel alone in your business. Wishing you had a few trusted people to brainstorm your brilliant ideas with, and receive valuable cutting-edge business feedback from. 

    This is exactly why I created Grow Your Business Mastermind. So you can get the business help you need from a trusted board in four key areas of messaging, the cornerstone of your business:

  • Deepen your understanding of who your ideal clients are and how to reach them 

  • Clarify your messaging, with precision  

  • Speak and write, clearly and powerfully, to your target audience  

  • Package your offer just right to attract those you love working with 

  • Community support in these four areas of messaging will help you stay motivated and strong as you get your message out to the world. This level of support keeps you inspired to persevere through the ups and downs in business, and in life.

    Your ability to speak and write clearly to your audience is what attracts clients and income to you, and allows you to do meaningful work. Without a clear message, people can't find you and your great talent goes to waste. With clear messaging, your ideal clients find you, and you get to make a difference in this world. The more successful your clients are, the more successful you are. 

    The group is designed to help you break-through business barriers, find the mute button for your unhelpful thoughts, get crystal clear with your messaging, and create new exciting pathways for your success.   

    The GROW YOUR BUSINESS MASTERMIND gives you what you need to make the best out of the ins-and-outs of business, clarify your business message, connect with your clients, and package your offers. All to help grow your business to its full potential. 

    You’re not alone in your business anymore. You have a helpful friendly community here to encourage, support, and inspire you!

    Gina Mongiello

    Grow Your Business Mastermind

    Ready To Grow Your Business Today?

    Gain valuable knowledge, clarify your message, avoid mistakes, and attract your ideal clients!

  • Deepen Your Understanding of Your Ideal Client

  • Revisit what you already know about your ideal clients and find the gaps so you can speak to them more clearly

  • Go deeper than ever before in understanding your ideal client's psychographics so when you speak to them they say, 'wow, you know me so well, I need to talk to you more'

  • More than knowing your ideal clients, develop a kindness for them, that magnetizes them to you, and you to them

  • Learn to identify crucial needs of your ideal clients so that you can build presentations, classes, and signature offers that speak their language

  • Clarify Your Message

  • Get crystal clear on the value you bring so you know what to talk about in your conversations, emails, and social media posts

  • Eliminate vague, broad language so that your message grabs the attention of your ideal clients

  • Get eyes on your message early, so you don't waste time going down the wrong road with your marketing

  • Find buzz words that make you the go-to-coach in your niche

  • Write and Speak Your Message with Ease

  • Learn how to stop overthinking your message & speak it simply

  • Get helpful direct feedback on your messaging when you feel unsure about hitting 'post' 

  • Learn how to speak with authority so that people listen, take you seriously, and want to work with you because they trust you

  • Get tips on how to write emails that invite subscribers into wanting a deeper relationship with you

  • Fine-Tune Your Offer

  • Learn how to gather the right information to create or fine-tune an offer that sells 

  • Fine tune your high-value offer without making it overwhelming, so your ideal clients sense 'now is the time'

  • Learn the four key components of messaging an irresistible offer 

  • Find the easily-overlooked value spots in offer-messaging so you can be sure to include this value and gain immediate interest from your ideal clients

  • Not Sure If It's Worth the Money?

    Here’s a Few Things You Receive When You Invest In the Grow Your Business Mastermind...

    • Personalized LIVE feedback on what will move your business to the next level

    • Business support that family and friends aren't able to give, because they don't understand messaging, or your business like this community does

    • Quick and helpful feedback on your business language, graphics, and offerings on the private community page

    • Help getting crystal clear messages our to your audience so you can attract your ideal clients 

    • Monthly mindset recordings to help you mute unhelpful thoughts and instead move forward with courage and confidence in messaging, sales-calls, and client sign-ons

    These things alone could boost your income 10x the cost of this mastermind. 

    Your investment: $249 per month; or $199 per month when paid in full

    What You Can Expect

    Group members are present, focused, and dedicated to helping you and your business succeed.

    All group members are interviewed before gaining entry to the group to ensure a like-minded community in the areas of positivity, authenticity, intelligence, and helpfulness. 

    The atmosphere of the group is non-competitive with clear guidelines in place so you feel comfortable being you.

    You have time in the love seat each meeting to receive ideas, tips, suggestions, feedback, and support to help grow your business

    FAQ About Grow Your Mastermind 

  • Who is this mastermind for? 

  • If you're a coach already in business, looking for new unique ways to reach your ideal clients, then this mastermind is for you!! 

  • How do I know if I have something to offer the group?

  • Everyone together raises the creativity of the group. What you share will inspire and provide insight, helping group members get to creative solutions. 

  • How Big is the Group?

  • Five members, plus the facilitator. This size ensures each member gets valuable feedback and time in the love seat each meeting. 

  • Will I like the members of the group?

  • All group members are hand-selected to be compassionate, kind, and supportive, while also being able to deliver honest, helpful feedback. 

  • What is a mindmap and how will it help me? 

  • A mindmap is a visual representation of ideas, concepts, observations, insights, and action items. All on one page to provide structure and guidance. It functions as road map, to keep you on task, and inspired all month long. 

  • Can I Pay Monthly, Instead of Up Front? 

  • Yes, you can choose to pay monthly at $249 per month for six months; or pay $1194 up front for a 20% savings

  • What if I pay monthly, but need or want to leave before I complete my six months? 

  • If you discontinue membership before completion, outside of a true emergency, an early cancellation fee of $299 applies.

  • Are there refunds if I pay in full but change my mind half way through? 

  • Group members count on each other. Everything is done to help each member succeed and enjoy the full six months. Sessions will be recorded for your review, and you will be supported throughout the month via the community group should you have to miss one of the scheduled classes. There are no refunds. 

    I reached out to Gina with a heavy heart. I was stuck in the process of starting my business and I came in feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and loss of clarity.

    Through thoughtful questions, Gina guided me to peel the onion and together with her, I saw my fear. I felt the pain from the past and the self-doubt that were too loud and cloudy for me to connect with my own gifts, abilities, passion and love.

    Gina helped me to hear the loving voice that: I am capable, it’s ok to feel, and the journey I am about to start is truly blessed. I am thankful for the breakthrough, after one session, and I am prepared to face anything my business would bring along.

    Gina is insightful and intuitive; her coaching style is to-the-point, yet gentle and graceful. I feel genuinely more confident and empowered knowing that I have Gina as my coach and business consultant by my side.  

    Hana C., Family and Teen Coach

    motivated TO STay on task

    You want to be a successful coach. The best way to do this is to ensure you have a steady stream of focus, inspiration, and motivation to get your message out. This is hard to sustain without the good company of fellow coaches who understand you and give you good feedback on your messaging.  

    Being part of a community of dedicated, intelligent, and helpful coaches greatly increases your daily levels of focus, inspiration, and motivation. It's way easier to stay motivated with group support. This is what the Grow Your Business Mastermind is here to help you with. You don’t have to go it alone. You get the help you need. 

    Here's how we grow together:

    1) We meet monthly so you can get concise and personalized feedback on your messaging and your business challenges; 2) You implement the feedback in between meetings; 3) You lean on the community group, mind-map, audio recording, monthly Q&A call in between Mastermind sessions to get the help you need to attract your ideal clients and grow your business.

    Build your community.

    Apply for a seat in the Grow Your Business Mastermind today.

    In the meantime, apply these

    5 Tips to Grow your Business

    No more going it alone. Grow your business by growing your community.

    Sample meeting flow

    7:00pm to 7:05pm: Welcome and greetings

    7:05pm to 7:20pm: Monthly teaching to help grow your business

    7:20pm to 9:10pm: Love seat for each member, with a bathroom break half way through

    9:10pm to 9:25pm: Action plan/accountability for the month ahead

    9:25pm to 9:30pm: Goodbye’s

    Grow Your Business Mastermind

    Meets 1x Per Month

    3rd Tuesdays of the month from 7pm to 9:30pm eastern time

    •September 19, 2023

    •October, 17, 2023

    •November 21, 2023

    •December 19, 2023

    •January 16, 2024

    •February 20, 2024