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More Client Experiences....

Tara H.

Gina, is probably one of the most accepting people I have ever experienced. The zoom space always feels very safe and comfortable.

Antonia S.

Classes with Gina help me and my family to focus and delve into the Bible to help us stay on our faith walk in this crazy world. Our classes help to put everything into perspective and keep us on course to live our lives with God leading the way. Gina’s delivery is comforting yet powerful. She does not take personal credit. All Glory goes to God.

Angie A.

After just one session, I felt lighter, energized and rejuvenated. Gina was able to help me process so much anxiety and move through it, rather than simply ignoring it.  

Elisa W.

Thank you so much for these class offerings. I felt more at peace and relaxed after only one session. I find they help change my thinking patterns. You have a gift and I appreciate and value it! 

Mark G.

Gina's generous and creative Spirit was a pleasure to be around these past weeks, and beautifully seeded the soil of transformation for me.

Kristen H.

 These classes are helping me through some really tough times. It’s so helpful to remember that is okay to be feeling what I’m feeling. This helps me in my relationship with myself, others, and most importantly, God. 

Adrianna B.

My experience working with Gina has been wonderful so far. I really have been digging into myself and really shedding light on who I am as a person, in the most honest and meaningful way possible. Sessions help me challenge myself and think about life experiences to really grasp a better understanding of who I am and I can better myself from there. Gina really helps me in this process. 

Andy M.

My mind was expanded beyond myself in just a few minutes. I am very excited to see what the next four sessions reveal within me!

Parvati Y.

This body is grateful for the time I allowed it to rest this past week. All the physical challenges that would have thrown me into a depression and stricken me with self loathing and despair did the opposite. I know I say this a lot and yet it feels like I can’t possibly say it enough, you have changed my vision of myself on so many levels. You have helped me heal me so much.