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Ruminating thoughts, indecision, analysis paralysis?

It's hard to get support from people when they don't understand the way your mind works. You're not a misfit, and you're not broken. You're a highly-sensitive, gifted thinker. 

The Overthinkers Club 

is a place where people understand you and help you use your brilliance to make good decisions that deepen your relationships. 

Don't like LIVE Zoom meetings, but still want the benefits?

Join the Overthinkers Club VIP Membership to gain access to the full library of videos, audios, journal prompts and more

It's personal development at your own pace 

I know what it’s like to try and explain yourself to people who don't understand you or the way your mind works. This lack of understanding makes you feel alienated, like you don't belong. Like the world doesn't value what and who you are. Don't lose hope. You just found your community. 

In monthly club meetings you'll:

  • Get to know others similar to you

  • Feel supported by others who understand what it's like to think a lot

  • Journal about specific topics to gain clarity 

  • Learn bite-size pieces of helpful info that apply to your life right away

  • Help others by sharing your valuable insights 

  • Be seen and celebrated as someone of great value 

  • Leave feeling light, calm, and inspired

  • Learn how to move ahead in your relationships by taking little steps of action 

  • Get compassionate accountability 

  • Have a place to process mind content without being judged for it

  • Coach for Over-thinkers

    Gina Mongiello

    I help over-thinkers declutter. organize, and systematize their mind. Teaching them how to clean their mind just like they would a beautiful room. The result is a meaningful life filled with meaningful relationships.


    A place where you feel safe being you

    How many times have you heard you think too much, read into things too much, feel too much, make a big deal out of everything, are too sensitive, too particular, too indecisive, too introverted?

    All of these too's hurt. And lead you to believe that there is something wrong with you. When what's really happening, is the person in front of you just doesn't understand you. And the best way they can get to understanding in themself is to make you wrong. 

    Don't let other's misunderstandings of you, flavor your opinion of yourself. There's a reason for everything you do.

    In the Overthinkers Club you get to explore your reasons, choices, thoughts, and feelings in a safe place. It's a place where people understand you, and your thinking. 

    Would You Like To...

    ...feel supported and cared about by other people who understand what it's like to be a highly sensitive overthinker?  


    This world doesn't show much regard for people who are reflective, deliberate, slow to decide, careful in their behavior, highly-sensitive, and deep-feeling. 

    It's common for this world to treat highly-sensitive overthinkers as wrong, slow, delayed, learning-disabled, and abnormal. Society lacks helpful strategies for overthinkers. Often perpetuating the problems you face.

    Feeling like you don't fit in puts your nervous system on high alert, making decisions even harder.  

    This club is for you if you:

    • Tend to overthink things 

    • Struggle to make confident decisions 

    • Second-guess yourself often 

    • Ruminate on thoughts that aren't helpful 

    • Feel misunderstood by loved ones 

    • Are told things like you're too sensitive, you think too much, and get over it

    • Like the idea of a community that understands you

    • Want to grow, learn, and improve in your thinking and feeling strategies 

    • Can join on video and give your full attention for one hour

    • Think it'd be fun to get to understand yourself more deeply

    4 Reasons to Get Started Right Away

    Left unexamined thoughts can hurt you

    All thoughts can be put into one of two piles. Helpful or harmful. Without careful examination and group insight it's hard to see which thoughts are hurting you most. Community helps you sort through. 


    You don't want to lose anymore sleep

    How many times have your thoughts either kept you awake or woke you up? When ruminating thoughts rob you of sleep, your whole body suffers the day after. You want to make good decisions and sleep sound. 


    Your relationships can't afford more suffering

    Overthinking, self-doubt, indecision, and anxiousness  can hurt your relationships. Relationships play a role in your physical and mental health and working to repair and improve them is good for you and others. 


    You don't want to waste time

    Every day of your life is precious, and fleeting. You can never buy back time no matter how much money you have. Don't wait another day to improve your thinking process. Improved thinking will help you make good decisions and build helpful strategies in every area of your life


    Rave Reviews

    "Helped me heal so much"

    I know I say this a lot and yet it feels like I can’t possibly say it enough, you have changed my vision of myself on so many levels. You have helped me heal me so much. I can never thank you enough. 

    Amy Y.

    "Words cannot describe the relief and comfort"

    I struggled with having no sense of purpose, which often led to feelings of worthlessness. I used to give my thoughts a lot of power, and I often fell victim to the part of me that wanted to hurt and wallow in self-pity. In January, that all changed. Through work with Gina, and her incredible ability to incorporate Faith work in sessions, I spent more time with God and established a deeper relationship with Him. I was always a fan of coincidences, but now, I am able to see that everything happens for a reason because God makes a reason out of everything. Words cannot describe the relief and comfort knowing that God is present in my life, and Gina is here to help me. All Glory to God.

    Giavanna S.

    "Significant growth, learning and self awareness"

    Gina does a tremendous job at pointing out blind spots allowing for exponential growth if you are willing to do the work. She is a tremendous listener who asks powerful questions and is authentic every step of the way. She prompts and guides the client back to themselves with a well rounded approach for significant growth, learning and self awareness… 

    Taylar P.

    Overthinkers Club Meetings

    FREE for Overthinkers 

    60 mintues per month

    • 3rd Wednesday of every month

    • On Zoom

    • Mini-lesson that you can apply right away

    • Guided activity 

    • Journal reflections

    • Love seat for one member each meeting (optional)

    • Opportunity to share your insights

    • Relaxing atmosphere where you can be yourself

    • Option to join the facebook community 


    Zoom link provided upon email sign-up

    Can't Make Live Meetings but Want the Benefits?

    Join the Overthinkers Club

    VIP Membership 

    • Video recordings delivered 1x per month

    • Activity sheet to accompany your video lesson 

    • Bite-size audios delivered 1x per week for deep sleep, visualizations for good decision making, emotional resolve, and personal growth challenges

    • Weekly journal prompts for personal growth and deep reflection 

    • Optional 1x per month LIVE Q&A

    • Opportunity to share your insights

    • Like minded community where you're understood

    All for just $17 per month

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